Artificial Emotional Intelligence sells better!


Artificial Emotional Intelligence sells better!

The NEEED Bot is on its way…

Your website does not sell!

You know, with NEEED, it’s like any good sales pitch. In the beginning it’s all about attention. Because you are not the only provider. Then it is your job to arouse and increase interest. Only then, as soon as your prospective customer signals a willingness to buy, you begin to sell.You deal with objections and come to a conclusion.

Take a look below to find out why NEEED supports you enormously.


More conversions, longer retention times, better customer satisfaction, more fun?

Most online shops are product cemeteries. Most websites look the same. People’s expectations of websites are low today. Stay-times and conversion rates are also very low.

Surprise your visitors with something completely new.  🙂

NEEED is a world's first of its kind. The innovative invention of an anti-marketer. Convincing online is easy!

NEEED transforms offline to online

Intuitively we humans succeed a lot. We initiate exciting conversations and manage to get people to listen and sell them something that solves their problems, satisfies their needs and fulfils their wishes.

Convince online without nasty tricks

I’m sure you’re familiar with the psychological tricks used by many salespeople. The pressure they build. The lies they tell. The negative manipulation that pushes you to buy. NEEED convinces without tricks. Completely naturally.

The right situational content for everyone

People deserve individual communication. Even with websites. NEEED behaves situatively and dynamically. This makes your website more sympathetic, nicer, better.

The right content for every situation!

NEEED is in all of us. NEEED is the intuitive behavior that people bring to other people. So far in the real world. Now in the virtual world.

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